Lady Bowen Falls Milford Sound

Lady Bowen Falls is located in Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, on the South Island of New Zealand. Standing at an impressive height of 162 metres, this majestic waterfall is named after Diamantina Bowen, the wife of the fifth Governor of New Zealand, George Bowen. Lady Bowen Falls is a key source of both water and electricity for the Milford Sound area.

Known as Hine Te Awa in Māori, which translates to "Daughter of the River," Lady Bowen Falls holds significant historical and cultural importance to the Māori people as part of the broader Fiordland area.

Lady Bowen Falls Milford Sound XL NZ Landscape Print by Kirsten Clark Art

I took this photo on a boat trip at Milford Sound. Even from a distance, the sheer volume of the waterfall is invigorating. I have since learned that waterfalls symbolise purity, strength, and the flow of life, which can have a psychologically uplifting effect on viewers. Waterfalls generate negative ions, believed to increase levels of serotonin in the brain, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost overall energy. It is true!

Upon reflection, when I look at this photo, the majestic Lady Bowen Falls resembles a wedding veil cascading down the shiny rock face. It exudes an aura of power and majesty. Sitting and looking at this scene, you may feel the same sense of energy and rejuvenation. Can you feel it?

Photo taken by Kirsten Clark. Limited edition photographic print. See the majestic Lady Bowen Falls artwork details here.

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