Kirsten Clark is a New Zealand artist.

About the artist and website 

Inspired by traditional, impressionist and plein air paintings, I love to photograph and paint flowers and landscapes. This interest in painting flows into my photography style which has a painterly effect.

I love walking and running outdoors, enjoying the time it allows me to look around and explore. This activity is integral to my artistic process. I see and feel things I wouldn't normally experience in the daily rush from A to B. Often I stop in my tracks, and soak in the moment.

Whether it's a single dewy rose or a stormy ocean beach, there is always more to the scene than first meets the eye. When composing my artwork, I try to capture the detail and mood of these beautiful fleeting moments in time.

After experimenting with art for many years, in 2020 I made a decision to invest more time in my painting and photography. I dedicate this journey to my brother, Matt who sadly passed away in March 2020. He was very true to himself, and has inspired me to follow suit. To do what I love to do.